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Director of Dexotex Marine
Steve Shroeder, Vice President
Cell: 310-722-7842
Office: 310-886-9100

Ron Borum, Executive Vice President
Cell: 310-704-5456
Office: 310-886-9100

Eastern Territory
Corey Roadcap
Cell: 814-599-1840
Office: 908-245-2800

Western Territory
Daniel Watt
Cell: 714-421-0954
Office: 310-886-9100

Gulf Territory
Gene Stoltz
Cell: 214-505-5127

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Dex-O-Tex Marine

Crossfield Products Corp. manufactures a wide variety of deck coverings, underlayments, and specialty coating systems for marine applications. Designed for both wet and dry spaces in accordance with IMO and U.S Military specifications on military ships, commercial vessels, off-shore platforms, working boats, cruise ships, and ferries. Dex-O-Tex Marine Products are recognized as high-quality materials, with performance-proven worldwide. Dex-O-Tex materials are readily available in the United States and at marine repair locations around the world through a network of independent marine contractors.

Crossfield Products Corp.
Since 1938, Crossfield Products Corp., headquartered in Los Angeles, California has manufactured polymer systems ideal for new construction and renovation projects. Installations completed by Factory Trained Professional Applicators ensure high-quality and long-term performance of these polymeric and cementitious construction materials.

Decorative Polymeric Decking

Dex-O-Tex's performance proven decking materials are all fluid-applied, either directly over metal decks or over previously applied Dex-O-Tex underlayments. Formulated with environmental requirements in mind, these materials contain no hydrocarbon solvents and meet all volatile organic substance limitations. All Dex-O-Tex Polymeric Decking Systems are jointless, slip-resistant, fire-retardant and decorative. Specific flooring systems can be engineered to meet your need.

Marine Underlayments
Dex-O-Tex marine underlayments are performance proven materials used throughout the marine industry to fill and fair off irregularities of deck plates before the installation of finished deck coverings. They are also used to create pitch in the deck for drainage, ramping, or to make smooth transition. Applied directly to primed metal surfaces, Dex-O-Tex Marine underlayments have good adhesion and do not require any type of mechanical anchoring. These materials are used on every conceivable type of vessel, ranging from harbor tugs to aircraft carriers, drilling rigs to luxury liners.

Specialty Applications
This group of performance driven Dex-O-Tex products is designed to meet special service requirements. They include applications for spaces subject to heavy rolling loads, deck covering for weather exposed, interior areas and fire protection.

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Dex-O-Tex Marine Certificates and Approvals

Dex-O-Tex Marine VLW Lightweight Underlayment Type III Approval

Crossfield Products Corp. is pleased to announce that its VLW III Lightweight Underlayment is now approved under MIL-PRF-3135H, Type I, Class 2; Type II, Class 2; and Type III. VLW is a fire retardant epoxy resin mixed with a lightweight aggregate blend that is troweled into place directly over steel surfaces.                                                                    Click Here for the Approval

Click Here for VLW Lightweight Underlayment Video